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News: Kuz announces he has purchased the 'party
Help us overcome sanctions, enlist your services to claim the bounty


Since the beggining of the Special Operation, sanctions have made transactions with foreign banks from Russia difficult and made it harder to conduct business. In addition, important developers have since been drawn away from work due to reasons beyond their control. This came at a bad time, as KolymaNET was just going to wrap up work on our 3 major software projects before we were able to enable the hosting and vps networks. However, with those developers gone, and sanctions making things more expensive for businesses and citizens, we are in a deficit.

I am still capable at this time, and we can hold out for longer, but we critically need PHP developers to help us finish our goals. So, for this, I set aside $1,000 USD of my personal money to give to any developer who can help us with our problems.

It is a desperate measure, until our needs are satisfied, new registrations are closed.


- Y. Kuznetsov