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What is KolymaNET?

The Kolyma Network, also known as KolymaNET or KNET is a Russian Internet Services company. Founded in 2005, it has focused on providing services such as IRC, Webhosting, Email, web archives, bulletin boards, aa editors, start pages, search engines, software, news, file sharing, spam protection, and e-markets. It has primarily been moulded in and around bulletin board culture, with its sole purpose during its early phases to act as a legal parent to a Russian Textboard called "9channel".

9channel was a set of russian text and imageboards found on the TOR network (later made avaliable to the clearweb), the primary topics included computer hacking, criminal activities such as petty theft, and pornography. It became somewhat popular in the late 2000s and boosted Kolymas usage rates to untold levels. As of current times, the Kolyma Network hosts over 1,000 websites, and over 100TB of data.

KolymaNET provides dozens of services. If you are new to this website, consider checking out the portal or wiki. We are constantly working on new projects, websites, and services. All help is wanted. If you would like to enlist, visit www.kolyma.org/join - and for more information, see the contact page.



See: Contact Page