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KolymaNET is a Russian webhosting and internet services company, it was founded in 2005, to be the legal owner of a website called 9channel. Under the name KolymaNET, we bought servers for 9ch and ran them under the companys name. As our internet presence grew, we needed a over-arching name for our group, and it was decided we would use KolymaNET. Now, we manage servers for thousands of websites, and handle terrabytes of traffic every day.

On March 14th 2005, a small project was launched, it was a filesharing website called 9ch8br, (shortened to 9ch), it had no domain, just an open port on an IP address. The site grew over the years, gaining lots of traction in 2006, and by 2007, it had multiple bulletin boards, mostly text-only.

In December of 2005, KolymaNET as a company was renewed, from an old Internet Services Provider called "Mag-Net" (Magadan Net). We began offering broadband internet lines in Magadan and the surrounding region.

In 2017, 9ch was shut down due to legal reasons, and KolymaNET went idle for several months, and in 2019, restoration efforts began, lead by the former director, Kuznetsov

Our services tend to focus on providing services anonymously, privately, and securely. We have servers in 3 different countries, and a content delivery network (KNCDN) which ensures constant uptime and fast speeds worldwide. Even now, years later, we dont forget our roots, and we support anonymous communities online. Check out KNN (Kolyma News Navigator), or our twitter, @kolymanet.


A complete list of services we provide can be found on the Services page. A brief summary of some of our most popular services: