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Below you can find contact information for the highest positions of each office.


[No Profile Picture] <br>   NAME: Yuri Kuznetsov
  SITE: kuz.lol
  TITLE: Administrator
  MAIL: kuz@kolyma.jp


[No Profile Picture] <br>   NAME: Anton Maximov
  SITE: yuuka.fuuka.ml
  TITLE: Security Manager
  MAIL: yuka@kolyma.jp

Content Control

[No Profile Picture] <br>   NAME: Kutay Demir
  SITE: dollloversgathering.cf
  TITLE: Moderation Manager
  MAIL: kaguya@kolyma.jp


[No Profile Picture]   NAME: Chernakov Tarasovich
  SITE: labs.kolyma.org
  TITLE: Director
  MAIL: labs@kolyma.org