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  1. What is the Kolyma Network?
  2. KolymaNET, sometimes known as the Kolyma Network, or simply, Kolyma, is a Russian congolomerate internet and technology company created by Yuri Kuznetsov in 2005.

  3. What is 9ch?
  4. 9chan was a Russian-Language imageboard founded by Yuri Kuznetsov on March 14th, 2005. Unfortunatley due to a court order, 9chan was shut down and the domain was seized. Kuznetsov no longer operates 9chan or any other branch of it. See More...

  5. What is KolymaBBS?
  6. KolymaBBS is a set of textboards, spread across multiple websites. BBS.KOLYMA.ORG

  7. What is Heyuri?
  8. Heyuri.net is an english-language imageboard that attempts to emulate the feeling and style of the pre-2006 internet, as well as providing a space for the creation of original content and fun, interesting threads.

  9. How do I volunteer for the Kolyma Network?
  10. Visit kolyma.org/join and fill out the registeration form, expect a wait of 4-5 business days before your response is read and accepted.

  11. I found an error on the site, where can I report it?
  12. Here.

    All our legal information can be read here.

  13. How can I access the Kolyma Archives?
  14. You cant. Right now at least.

  15. What was strawberryheaven?
  16. StrawberryHeaven.net was a temporary replacement for Heyuri while it was being held by its previous owner, Riley James Bell.

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