Kolyma Network Corporation

Fuuka Ayase Usage Policy
Usage Policy
  1. Enforcement of the Law
  2. It is not, at any time or on any board, website or chat, or any incarnation of the Kolyma Network permitted to violate the laws of the Russian Federation. There are zero (0) exceptions to this rule. Those who violate this rule can be subject to a lifetime banishment.

  3. Malicious Use
  4. You may not use our services for any malicious activity, which includes email spam, downloading illegal software, visiting illegal websites, sending spam to other websites, or trying to exploit the network.

  5. VPNs and Tor
  6. It is forbidden to utilize our servers to run Tor exit nodes or to tunnel VPN traffic. This activity will have your access to our server confiscated.

    It is forbidden to use our services to facilitate the spread of copyrighted materials. However, DMCA takedown requests are not accepted in the Russian Federation. This only applies to deliberate spread of full-length movies, TV shows, or music. Fair use is supported by Fuuka Ayase.

  7. Extremism
  8. It is forbidden to advocate for terrorism or extremism.

  9. Blacklisting of IP Address space or FA domains
  10. Any action which causes any portion of KolymaNETs IP Address space or domains to be added to an Internet Blacklist of any kind is forbidden. It is the customers responsibility to refrain from any action which causes KolymaNETs IP Address space or domains to be blacklisted in any way.