Kolyma Network Corporation

Content Control Administration

This is the group in KolymaNET which controls the flow of content across the network, like the bulletin boards, for example. This is a volunteer position. Most of the time, there is no compensation. cca.kolyma.org

Interior Affairs Administration

The body in charge of managing the day-to-day working of KolymaNET, such as ensuring security, development, managing finances, and other inter-kolyma jobs.

Interior Affairs Administration, Security Division

A subgroup of the IIA, which manages security work in the Kolyma Network. The most important within this group is the Network Security Service, the judicial wing of KolymaNET, also tasked with handing threats from both inside and outside of the Kolyma Network. This position recieves compensation of up to 50$ a week. nss.kolyma.org

The Security Division no longer requires that new employees have a pre-existing understanding of PGP encryption, and computer privacy, as those will now be taught by KolymaNET if the employee does not already understand. Employees in the digital field usually engage in monitoring individuals, social engineering, surveillance, and information collection. Those who enroll in the on-the-ground field must speak Russian and English. A meeting will be arranged in the US or Russia depending on how close the individual is to either location.

Interior Affairs Administration, Management Division (DEVELOPMENT)

Currently, the only open positions in this division are for the Development Office. If you know: PHP, JS, PYTHON, PERL, please enlist. This job is paid, with compensation being the highest of any group.

Developer compensation is given by a commission-type basis. A developer may accept 1 or more projects, each with a set payout. Upon completion of the project, the commission will be payed. Large payouts may reach up to 2000$, for small projects, the payout can be 50$-500$

For this position, you should be able to prove what your capabilities are by completing a test, or creating a very simple snippet of code (which serves a function to be decided by the overseer) which can be submitted for examination. There is no requirement on years of expirience, and you do not have to be a master programmer to enlist.