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  1. You should be reasonably skilled in the position which you seek to enlist in.
  2. You should be above the age of 18 years old.
  3. You should have a basic understanding of Discord and PGP encryption.
  4. You should be able to show examples of your previous work. (For developers)

Content Control

For those who wish to help with moderating and or managing user submitted data on KolymaNET platforms. Your primary focus would be to enforce the rules of said platform and manage the users who access it. An example of this type of job would be Moderation on one of many imageboards run under Kolyma.

Development work

For those who wish to aid in development of KolymaNET projects, your objectives would be to help in security, functionality, or other parts of maintaining the code used to run this site and others. Currently, PHP developers are heavily sought after. If you are interested, please consider enlisting. Perl, Python, and HTML developers are in less demand, but your services are still welcome.

For this position, you should be able to prove what your capabilities are by completing a test, or creating a very simple snippet of code (which serves a function to be decided by the overseer) which can be submitted for examination. There is no requirement on years of expirience, and you do not have to be a master programmer to enlist.

For this position, you MUST have a firm knowledge of PGP encryption, basic operational security, and you must be capable of maintaining reasonable secrecy about your work. You may NOT publicly display, or otherwise show off any property of the KolymaNET you are given access to, lest you face termination and potential legal action, with the exception of being given explicit permission from the overseer(s).




If you have decided on a position you would like to volunteer in, please email enlist@kolyma.org, alternatively, fill out this form and leave an email address so a response can be given back to you.

Non Volunteer (paid) Jobs

The Kolyma Network offers some paid positions, primarily development related. Content Control and SecOP are both volunteer only. If you are willing to do extensive work in regards to software development, you may be eligible for payment.