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By using this site (kolyma.org), and accessing or manipulating the Kolyma Network and its services, you understand that the content hosted in the KolymaNET may, or may not be licensed under the Kolyma Network. Content uploaded to one of the KolymaBBS boards is asserted to be property of the public unless otherwise noted. All content uploaded in the KolymaBBS boards is to be considered responsibility of the original poster (OP). Users who upload content that violates Russian Copyright law do so at their own peril, and will be fully responsible for such violations

KolymaNET corporation is not responsible for any damages sustained by accessing or manipulating the files that are hosted by the Kolyma Network.


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Cooperation with Law Enforcment and Government

We will cooperate with law enforcment agencies to report, stop, and prevent any sort of criminal activity found on our website. The uploader is responsible for all images, text, and other content that that he or she posts. If the uploader submits content which violates the law of the Russian Federation, their information will be forwaded to the proper authorities. It is then protocol to delete the offending content from our servers, and restrict the offending user from posting on the website.


Kolyma Network © is a registered body in the Russian Federation. KolymaNET™ is a registered trademark in the Russian Federation. The stylized 'K' is a registered trademark in the Russian Federation.


By continuing, your accepting the above terms in their entirety, with no other conditions applied unless explicity stated on this page. Please email all concerns to kuz@kolyma.org

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