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Old News
A New Service to Help Fight Spam
March 29th, 2021 — Central Group

Over the past year, malicious activity across the Kolyma Network has been subtly increasing. As of recently, we are beggining efforts on combatting spamming and flooding. Part of this effort is stopping spammers from posting in the first place. This is where our latest project comes in.

Introducing, spam.kolyma.org - the worlds first imageboard safety software. Launched today, this service is similar in ways to rbl, spamhaus, or other spam detectors and blockers. However, this one is tailored for bulletin boards. It includes several different options for board owners, and a key form that board owners can use to get easy access to the databases.

It is highly recommended that you read the guide yourself. You can contribute easily to the database by adding adresses of known spammers. However, they will need to be verified first. BBS owner? Apply for a key at requestkey@kolyma.org

We are very pleased and excited to see what this project has in store.

9ch Anniversary + Kokonotsuba + G3!
March 14th, 2021 — kuz

Hello friends, lots of wonderful news to bring today.

Firstly, 9ch! - happy 16th birthday!. I made this little memorial for our anniversary. Happy days to all that posted on that wonderful website. Heres to another 16!

Secondly, Kokonotsuba. The first release (1.0) is out and is currently being used on gorechan and loliboard. A patch (1.1) will come out tommorow, and during this patch we will begin post migration for gurochan and Heyuri. There are a couple bugs, but we will work them out after the patch. So far the software has been working well, please report software issues to https://g3.kolyma.org/feedback/ in the meanwhile.

Finally, the G3 sites themselves have just been released. You can find them at LolisAre.fun and bloodymess.net respectively.

Kokonotsuba Bulletin Board Software
February 12th, 2021 — Central Group

It has come to our attention that 2 websites under our control are in desperate need of a software change - these two being Heyuri and Gurochan. Heyuri runs poorly, the software was built in a rush and is becoming very slow under the weight of over 60 pages of posts. As Heyuri approaches its 10,000th post in /b/, the need for a faster, more efficient backend has become unignorable.

Gurochan is rather new, but growing quickly. Like Heyuri, its software was put up in a rush, although unlike Heyuri it works just fine -- However; the lack of quality of life functions like a catalog, search function, and more are a nuisance to the userbase, which was rather accustomed to such things.

KolymaBBS itself is growing, with more boards from other sites being put under its wing every day, it is undeniable that we are due a change of pace.

Introducing, kokonotsuba.

What we plan here is something that can be moulded to fit differeing styles of imageboard. It will have the stylistic options of Heyuri, and features for gurochan - toggleable in a central configuration file.

It will..

  1. Have a catalog, search function, and information section (below the postbox).
  2. Have multiple style options.
  3. Have a blotter and newspost option.
  4. Captcha support
  5. Heyuris banner-ads
  6. Well, all of the features from Heyuri
  7. Masively improved backend.
  8. Ascii Art tester and tripcode
  9. Support for pincodes - Check out KolymaVIP
  10. Textboard AND imageboard versions

It will NOT..

  1. Try to integrate any of that sleek "Web 2.0" style features. No jquery, minimal js, etc
  2. Use MYSQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, etc - no databases
  3. Be a carbon copy of lynxchan, vichan, etc

You can expect to see it released in late march, possibly later if necessary. A testing board will be put up when avaliable, where users from all across the network can test it out. Once an official testing version if released, a bounty of up to 20$ per security flaw found may be offered. More @ https://kolyma.org/software/

Site Restructured
February 3rd, 2021 — kuz

I restructured the site under a new domain, switching from Kolyma.JP to Kolyma.org

September 12th, 2020 — kuz

I am working on getting Heyuri fully re-set up after the collapse earlier this month. Please, please be patient as i work on everything, I am rebuilding it from scratch and this may take some time.

1. The servers will be located in my apartment, again. So any worries about /l/ and /g/ can swiftly be put away.

2. The domain is from freenom, and they are historically kind towards that stuff. So we are safe in every regard


4. Due to time constraints, it could be 1 day, to 1 week till its up. Please tell all your heyuri friends to join this discord server so that they can recieve updates.

5. Mac and wartj are collaborating on a flash together, so look out for that.

6. Rule 8 is staying, so are the other rules. soyjacks are staying banned.

7. and some.. other minor changes. I will be holding a sort of meeting with everyone so that i may get everyones opinion on fixes, changes, and other stuff. I want to run this differently, i dont want to be like lolico. I want the community to be my co-pilot as i continue development.

Server Situation
August 23rd, 2020 — kuz

Over the past few days, I have been sent an overwhelming amount of Archive Requests, and as a quick status update for eveyone. We wont have everything fully back up for at least another few months. No, im not lazy, keep in mind that the archive total at over 16tb. The 9chan thread archives in particular have been a pain in the ass. Ive also been restoring some old pages, and trying to set up the hosting project. My servers should be here sometime within the next 2 months. I hope you all can understand, thank you for your patience.

August 19th, 2020 — kuz

I have several things planned for this restoration. I intend to bring back the textboards, publicize the Kolyma Joint Archives, and other various tools and utilities. Ill probably also put some other projects up here at some point.

August 15th, 2020 — kuz

Since the old servers were out of date, I may finally get to updating them and upgrading them. So, for the next few months, the site will be under heavy construction, including restructuring the archives to increase access to more users.

July 12th, 2020 — kuz

So, earlier today, SERVER01 (knet.webserver.01) failed, and we lost both drives. Sorry, Heyuri. I will keep you all updated.

Happy 14th Birthday :^)
March 14th, 2019 — kuz


January 11th, 2019 — kuz

The discord server got deleted, join the new one at the status page please.

March 14th, 2018 — kuz

Our first birthday since the shutdown, but important nonetheless. I woke up teary-eyed today, the ride was a good one, heres to all of our duraks who never made it. Happy birthday 9chan.

December 22nd, 2017 — kuz

Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened.

going down
December 18th, 2017 — kuz

The day has come, the day that I have been fearing for many months. When I woke up today I knew it was going to happen.

You all have been aware of recent court actions regarding potential shutdown, but this day has finally come. 9chan is shutting down on December 22nd.

I will release all the court documents regarding this seizure in january, as well as a 5-Paragraph document regarding the situation, written by me and dcp.

October 11th, 2017 — kuz

Kolyma and 9chan and all related services will be down for about 3 hours on October 15th