Kolyma Network Corporation

KolymaNET Global Policy
    Global Policy

    This section will outline, very clearly, what is permitted and what is not permitted on Kolyma.org, KolymaNET subsidiaries, and KolymaNET services. "We" refers to the aforementioned groups.

    The Kolyma Network values free speech and open expression, and we enforce rules around this fact. Seeking to allow upmost freedom whilst not seriously harming others, causing chaos, or breaking the law.

    1. Enforcement of the Law
    2. It is not, at any time or on any board, website or chat, or any incarnation of the Kolyma Network permitted to violate the laws of the Russian Federation. There are zero (0) exceptions to this rule. Those who violate this rule can be subject to a lifetime banishment.

    3. Spamming and Flooding
    4. You may not, in quick succession make multiple and repeated malicious requests to our servers, you may not flood emails, bulletin boards, or other interactive forms. Those who violate this rule can be subject to a 1 month banishment or longer.

    5. Evading banishment and Bypassing Filters
    6. There are several topics that are forbidden to be discussed. Attempting to bypass website filters, firewalls, or other blocking mechanisms may result in a banishment. Evading a previous banishment may result in another, lifetime banishment.

    Subjective Policy

    These rules are not enforced globally, and their validity may vary from site to site. Check with the local rules page of the website you are visiting for more information.

    1. Violence and Terrorism
    2. It is forbidden to advocate for violence, violent political extremism, Violent symbols such as the swastika may be subject to scrutiny and potential removal. Racial Supremacy of any sort is forbidden, terrorist organizations like the "Black Lives Matter" organization or the KKK are forbidden.

    3. "Common Sense Law"
    4. As Heyuri.net eliquently puts it, "In mature threads, be mature, in retarded threads, be retarded!".

    5. Malware
    6. Uploading, sharing, or creating malware or other harmful programs may result in a 1 month banishment or longer.

    7. Misinformation of ongoing war in Ukraine
    8. Discussion of the conflict against Ukranian agression is forbidden for its duration. Lies spread about the aggression may be removed and the poster may be banned for corrupting the public conscience. KolymaNET stands by the liberation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

    9. Gore/Graphic Material
    10. It is forbidden to post material that depicts the topic in a insensitive manner.

    11. Promotion of LGBT topics towards users under 18
    12. It is against social corruption laws of Russian Federation, and therefor forbidden under the first rule of the Kolyma Network.