Kolyma Network Corporation

Report Policy
    Legal Disclaimer

    All content which is found to be in violation of the 1st law of the Kolyma Network (Do not upload or download illegal content), will be swiftly deleted. The uploader will be punished with a life-long banishment from the services, and we will cooperate with authorities to capture the individual.

    By using the report form avaliable on https://kolyma.org/report ("The report form", "report form") or other methods of notifying KolymaNET ("us", "we") of illegal content, you (the reporter) are acknowledging that the content you are reporting is illegal. Users who submit falsified tips will be banished from using KolymaNET services.

    Almost all content hosted on the Kolyma Network was submitted by the users. We are not accountable or at fault for what the user uploads. By uploading anything to our servers, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for the legality of what you uploaded.

    Report forms:
  1. https://www.kolyma.org/help-support/report