Kokonotsuba is a closed-source imageboard software developed by the Kolyma Network. It was released on March 14th, 2021, 9channels 16th birthday. The software is a fork of pixmicat, although it has been heavily modified since.

The name "Kokonotsuba" was chosen after the long-lasting tradition of naming imageboard software after the number of leaves on a plant (e.g. Futaba). "9 leaves" was chosen because of 9channel, the genesis of KolymaNET.

Version Numbering System
Version History

All of these versions have been disabled to prevent abuse, they are currently read-only.

Pre-Release (Legacy)
Testing Release (ALPHA) (2021-03-06)


Update 0.8 (BETA) (2021-03-10)


Update 0.9 (BETA) (2021-03-11)


Version 1.0
Release 1.0 (2021-03-14)


At this break, Kokonotsuba did not make any major improvements and therefor did not continue the numbering system. As of July 2021, this will be resumed. The system in place to monitor upgrades was also not in place, so the differences between early versions are fuzzy.

It was deemed that after all the improvments, fixes, and updates, that Kokonotsuba had likely advanced by 2 versions, so the next public version is set at 1.3

Version 1.3
Release 1.3 (2021-06-07)
  1. Added fileboard
  2. Removed XSS vulnerability
  3. Wormhole-kun removed
Update 1.3.1 (2021-07-13)
  1. Fixed issue with nav menu loading the top border when persistent navigation was not enabled.
  2. Fixed issue with nav menu overlap when not in persistent navigation mode.
  3. Wormhole-kun removed
Update 1.3.3 (2021-07-21)
  1. Globalized styles
  2. Fixed 3 bugs.
  3. Forbid title-less threads on textboards
  4. Made threadlist more useful
  5. Wormhole-kun removed
Update 1.3.4 (2021-07-21)
  1. Made the submission page look prettier
  2. Wormhole-kun removed
Version 1.4
Release 1.4 (2021-09-05)
  1. Converted from flatfile to MYSQL
  2. Enabled a cache-system to reduce read/write on the server
  3. Stickies now are stickied on the catalog and threadlist
  4. Download button now changes with stylesheet and saves original filename
  5. Added board-pruning and bumplimit
  6. Wormhole-kun removed
Update 1.4.1 (2021-09-18)
  1. Added multiple new modules for stability
  2. Catalog, threadlist now show proper bumporder
  3. Auto-Noko checkboxes removed, move to settings
  4. Quote-inlining feature added
  5. Thread auto-updater feature added
  6. Gallery mode bug fix
  7. Stickies fixed
  8. Email cache bug fixed
  9. API now caches instead of serving live
  10. API now supplies more information for ease of access
  11. Video support (Yahoo!)
  12. Subject as page title instead of just boardname
  13. Archive module now only archives threads which were naturally pruned off the board, to prevent deleted-posts from being archived.
  14. ID's for admins and moderators are now ADMIN and MODERATOR
  15. Backlink order now displays from descending order
  16. Wormhole-kun removed
Update 1.4.2 (Upcoming)

These are mostly complete as of September 19th.

  1. Completely redone mobile-view
  2. 2ch/2chan like "hostname display" (Optional per-board basis)
  3. New inboard trip-based messaging feature. (Revolutionary.)
  4. Inline oekaki-bbs (Optional, per-board basis)
  5. Inline chatbox (simple, anonymous, demo soon)
  6. Revamped search function
  7. EXIF and "Animated GIF" function to be removed. (Discuss)
  8. Inline poll function
  9. Improved soudane
  10. Complete HTML/CSS Redo (XHTML 4.1)
  11. Wormhole-kun removal