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IRC: Channels

In IRC, channels are rooms in an IRC network where users can join and post messages. A channel usually has a specific topic, and started with a "#" symbol. For example, #chat. Users can also create their own channels.

You can list channels with the /list command.

Registering your own channel #

You can register your own channel (it will belong to your registered nickname) by running the following command:

/msg chanserv register #channel

To do this, you must have Operator mode in the channel. You can gain operator mode by joining an empty, unregistered channel. First come, first serve.

Channels can have "modes" just like a User can. Modes are flags that denote certain information about a channel. The most common mode, asigned to almost all channels is "+t". This mode denotes that only Operators can edit the channels topic. Many different modes exist. Some important ones include "+m", which means only voiced users can send messages, and "+i" which means only users who are invited to the channel (or placed on an invite access list) can join. The latter are quite common. Setting modes on users and channels can be done using Chanserv or Nickserv.

One example, is, using Chanserv, you can configure your channel so that any user who joins your channel that has a certain vhost will recieve "Voice" (+v mode), and then set your channel to +m. Now anyone can join your channel, but only users with the right vhost(s) can speak. More often, you can set the channel to "Invite only" (+i mode), and then use chanserv to set an invite exception on your nickname and the nicknames of your friends, creating a private channel only you and people you allow to join can use.

Here is an example on creating a private channel.

First, register the channel

	/msg chanserv register #channel
Then, set it to the mode you want. In this example, we set +i (invitation-only)

	/msg chanserv mode #channel set +i
Then, set an invite exception on your nickname and your friends nickname

	/msg chanserv mode #channel set +I yournick!*@your.vhost
Or, allow anyone with a certain vhost to enter.

	/msg chanserv mode #channel set +I *!*@your.vhost

Joining and leaving channels #

In IRC, you can join a channel by running the command:

/join #channel

and leave the channel by running

/part #channel