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IRC: Nicknames

Unlike many instant messaging platforms, IRC does not have traditional accounts and user registration. Instead, on IRC, users may register nicknames (which are analogous to usernames or tags on other platforms) and reserve that nickname for themselves only, as long as they have their password. This is done through a system called NickServ (Nickname Service).

Nicknames on IRC can be changed using /nick NAME. However, if you change your nickname to one that you have not registered, you will log out, and to log back in, you must change your nickname back to the one you registered

Logging in (Identifying) #

After your initial registration, you will need to Identify. In IRC, identifying is a process similar to "logging in" to a traditional user account. If you disconnect from the network, to use your nickname, you must identify using the password you registered with. This prevents other users from using your nickname. On KolymaNET IRC, the process of registering a nickname, and identifying, looks like this.


After you have registered your nickname, you do not need to register it again unless it expires. Nicknames will expire and become open for re-registration after 90 days have passed with no usage.

An IRC user #

IRC also supports two other name slots, although they are not required and are seldom used. Usernames and Real Names. Together, along with the nickname, these form the IRC user. Usually, if you do not set a username, your nickname will be used instead.

The above graph depicts an entire IRC user string. This string is unique to only you, and if you have registered your nickname, only you will be given this string when connecting and after you have identified. This string can be used for access lists, authentication, and many other things, and forms the basis of an IRC network.

User Modes #

Users in IRC can have modes, which are letters which denote certain meaning. For example, "+S" mode, means that person is using a secure connection. While "+R" denotes the nickname is registered. "+v" stands for voice, and can be given to certain trusted users. It allows them to speak in channels with the +m mode, and seperates them from the rest of the users in the user list. "+o" denotes a Operator, and "+q" denotes the owner of a channel.

Notes #